Living A Meaningful Life is Really Hard???

Living a life that has happiness and some kind of meaning is one of the most extensively held goals in survival — something by which we galvanize and measure ourselves. Just how to do this is an enigma that has challenged philosophers and so many people throughout the ages.

But perchance the solution may not be as difficult as it seems…!!!

At the same time there is no one-single answer, the researches have shown that there are several aspects that influence the ability to find meaning and satisfaction in life…

  • Develop a Sense of Purpose…

If there is one factor that affects our ability to live a happier and meaningful life, it is having a ‘sense of purpose’ — a sense to get out of the bed in the morning and to keep on going.

Having a sense of purpose in the life not only raise the quality of our lives, but also help us to live happier and longer — regardless of the age.

  • Do For Others

It is not a great secret that giving to others increase our own feelings of meaning and happiness. Giving can take various forms, of course- devoting our time, or talents — or lending a friendly ear. Helping others look to be strongly correlated with elevated life satisfaction. Lending helping hands can give a sense of purpose to us, young and old.

In short, doing good or helping others is an important aspect of any meaningfully lived life, as it pays real bonus.

  • Express Yourself

Living a meaningful life is exactly related to authenticity– to being who we really are.

People struggle to be themselves, to scare of rejection or criticism; as the result, they feel living a life which is far from the satisfying or meaningful. We have to be willing to enjoy and live in the authentic way, that allows us to express who we really are — even if it takes courage.


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